Red Wine, White Wine… Blue Wine?

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  • Crazy drinks are popping up everywhere lately. From Starbucks’ “Pink Drink” to Krispy Kreme flavored soda, there is always some beverage causing a stir. The newest wacky drink to cause a buzz? Blue wine.

    According to Today News, Gik Live, a Spanish company with no wine expertise, has created a cerulean blue wine that has people talking — and shopping. The company claims to have sold 80,000 bottles after having launched earlier this summer. Currently, the wine is only available in Spain; however, Gik Live plans to spread distribution throughout Europe in the coming months and expects to have their wine available in the U.S. by this October.

    The group said they wanted to mix things up. To do so they sought out a large, “close-minded industry” and created something “different.”

    The question on everyone’s mind now is, “what makes it blue?” The wine is a mix of both red and white wines from vineyards in France and Spain—sorry to those who were hoping for a blue raspberry vineyard. Its odd color comes from pigments in grape skin and a special sweetener the company uses.

    With people eager to know what it tastes like, one of the founders of Gik Live, Artiz Lopez, described his wine’s flavor. In an interview, Lopez said the wine “tastes sweet and fresh,” but “is not complex at all.” He also added that when they did a blind tasting only one of the fifteen people participating labelled it as wine. Many thought it was a soft drink, which means there’s no risk of confusing it with MD 20/20’s Bling Bling Blue Raspberry — another blue drink on the market — whose taste can only be described as a melted Jolly Rancher mixed with nail polish remover.

    What do you think of blue wine? Would you drink it? Do you wish it was blue raspberry? Let us know in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter!