Reporter Caught Playing Pokémon Go During State Department Briefing

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  • Ladies, Gentlemen, there’s a time to play Pokemon and there’s a time to do your job. Usually those two things don’t go together and a State Department Briefing is definitely one of those times.

    According to CNN, US State Department spokesman John Kirby was discussing the efforts to combat ISIS with the press when he realized one of the journalists wasn’t exactly paying attention. The unnamed reporter was immediately called out by Kirby for playing Pokemon Go during the briefing.

    Pausing, Kirby stated “You’re playing the Pokemon thing right there, aren’t you.”

    The reporter replied that they were “just keeping an eye on it,” and presumably the briefing went on without incident. At the end though, Kirby did come back to the game asking if the journalist if they caught a Pokemon. Unfortunately, the reporter did not. Apparently the signal was “not very good.”

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