Adorable Toddler Can’t Stop Laughing at Cute Song

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    Who knew a class activity of singing a song about clapping your hands could be so hilarious?! We sure are glad that this little bunch of cuties thought so though, because now we get to watch their reactions!

    Although the boy in the center of the footage is wearing all blue, he definitely is far from having the blues. All the children in the line are having the time of their life, but this young guy stands out to us the most — he laughs hard enough to even make his face red!

    This happy kid draws the attention of his fellow classmates, and his buddy next door in the red even gives him a super adorable hug around 00:58. Gosh, how precious are they? We dare you to not smile and laugh along with him. It is impossible.

    We have seen the power of contagious laughter before, like on this subway; and we have seen babies who uncontrollably unleash their laughter too, like this nugget.

    Take a look at the video above for yourself!

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