Eric André & Hannibal Buress Ruin Each Other’s Tinder Accounts

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  • Just two weeks after his hilarious takeover of the RNC, Eric André is back in action. He and The Eric André Show sidekick (and Bill Cosby exposer) Hannibal Buress teamed up to wreak havoc on each other’s Tinder accounts for Vanity Fair.

    First up is Eric André, who takes over Buress’s Tinder account as his lovably chaotic self. He throws down classic lines like, “I want you to f*ck my wife,” “I have diarrhea,” and “Come over, I have a house arrest anklet on.” Then it’s Buress’s turn, and he does not hold back with the silliness. First he switches André’s age range to include senior citizens, then he spits out hilarious gibberish and even gives one young lady a job offer. Trust me: you gotta watch this one.

    This isn’t the only time celebrities have meddled with Tinder to hilarious results. Conan O’Brien and Dave Franco joined Tinder for a Conan segment and actually met up with a fan. And André and Buress’s stunt is a sequel to Vanity Fair’s own bit with Amy Schumer.

    Of course, this is all to promote season four of The Eric André Show, which starts August 5th on [adult swim]. Check it out! It’s a good show!

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