Dolphin Steals iPad from Sea World Visitor

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  • First rule of Sea World: Don’t go to Sea World, probably, if you’ve paid any attention to all the horrible things being said about it.

    Second rule of Sea World: If you must go, don’t chill with your iPad open right over the water. If it doesn’t fall in, apparently there’s a good chance a dolphin will jump up and steal it from you.

    In Orlando the other day, that’s exactly what happens. You can see in the video that a woman is just standing by the edge of the human area, holding her iPad somewhat over the dolphins, when one just jumps up and tosses her iPad right into the water. He seems pretty pleased with himself, too.

    It looks to me like the woman was just on her iPad doing whatever, though some have speculated she was taking a photo of the sea creatures. But really, who still thinks taking photos on an iPad is a good idea?

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