Seth Rogen’s Talking Food Prank Is as Funny as It Is Unsettling

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  • Sausage Party, the first ever R-rated 3D-animated movie, is out now. In addition to having an awesome trailer and getting great reviews, the movie is doing what all movies must do now: create a funny viral video.

    Yes, like Pete’s Dragon and Nerve before it (to name just two), Sausage Party is hopping aboard the viral video express train to HITSVILLE, BABY! Unlike far too many of these videos, though, Sausage Party’s video is both actually funny and surprisingly germane to the movie’s subject matter.

    Sausage Party, of course, is about how the food you buy in the grocery store is actually conscious. So what better way to promote the movie than by executing its premise in real life?

    That’s exactly what Seth Rogen did. In the video above, Rogen and his crew place animatronic talking food items in the aisles of a New York City grocery store. The initial reactions people have to being surprised while picking out food are pretty entertaining, but even better are the conversations they actually have. I won’t spoil anything from the video, but let’s just say cantaloupes, bread, and sausages are far less innocent than you might think.

    What do you think? Would you freak out if your food started talking to you? Let us know in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter!