Adam Scott & Meg Ryan Act in Beyoncé-Themed Soap

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  • Beyoncé infiltrates every corner of society. In a good way, obviously. So it was only natural that eventually the Wonderful World of Bey would head over into soap opera land, even if only as a skit.

    James Corden welcomed Adam Scott and Meg Ryan onto his show to participate in a soap skit where every line delivered is a Beyoncé lyric. There’s a lot of recognizable gems, a few slightly repurposed, and maybe even an accidental Lady Gaga thrown in. But somehow they all come together to tell the story of a man (Corden) who catches his wife cheating on him in their bed, and just isn’t going to take it anymore. It’s silly, it’s fun, it’s everything we’ve come to expect from these sorts of interludes on The Late Late Night Show. And when you add Beyoncé into the mix, you really just can’t go wrong.

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