Uggs and Teva Team Up to Assault Your Eyes With Hilariously Ugly Shoes

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  • In a day full of collaborations, two shoe companies, Ugg and Teva, are working together to produce a line of sandals and boots. (Hat tip to Racked.) Let’s just say, they might not work as either. The shoes are some of the worst we’ve seen. And we’ve seen some pretty bad stuff, remember those weird toe shoes?

  • The shoes, called simply Teva x Ugg, come in sandals and boots, but have all the warmth of a boot and all the bare-footedness of a sandal. The shoes cost $175 for a pair of sandals and $225 for a pair of boots, and for that price you could buy one and a half white Kanye shirts. They come in three colors each: blue, gray, and black for the boots, and white, brown, and black for the sandals. The shoes are made of UggPure wool and Velcro, and look nearly identical to the walking boots you get when you seriously injure the lower half of your leg.

    Needless to say, the internet has weighed in on the shoes:

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  • When even the Today Show is saying you’ve done something wrong, you need to look in the mirror.

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  • What do you think? What are the ugliest shoes you’ve ever seen? Let us know in the comments or @WhatsTrending on Twitter.