Billy Eichner Needs You to Stop Playing the “Woman Card”

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  • Billy on the Street is back with a whole new season and he’s somehow gotten louder. The last time we caught up with Billy Eichner, he was teaching Conan how to use Grindr — since then, he’s kept busy starring on Difficult People and popping up all over the pop culture landscape.

    This time, Billy’s back with his own show, and he’s gotten sexier, angrier, and more famous, in his new trailer. In the promo, he’s rocking a new beard and he now air humps whenever he hears the name Donald Trump, which is actually pretty exciting.

    Billy’s got one really pressing question this season: are you playing the woman card? Because if so you’re going to get yelled at, Billy-style. He also needs contestants who don’t know they’re contestants to name a racist and a liar and the answer to both is Donald Trump.

    His games and his guests are more exciting, as this season features themed questions like “Chris Hemsworth or Someone Who Had to Try”, “Believes in Ghosts or Can’t Eat Toast”, and “Jabba the Hutt or Just Some Gay Guy”. He’s also brought a slew of celebrity friends, including Jon Hamm, John Oliver, Seth Rogen, Keegan Michael Key, Andy Samberg, Lupita Nyong’o, Aziz Ansari, and Jacob Tremblay (AKA the adorable little boy whom he cutely calls “Jodie Foster”).

    The prizes this season are also the adorably weird consolations you expect them to be, like a giant photo negative of SNL star Bobby Moynihan.

    Billy on the Street returns to truTV on November 15th.

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