Is Nicki Minaj Dedicating a Song to Harambe?

  • There’s absolutely no doubt that the internet still loves, and always will love, Harambe. While there has been some discussion on whether or not the amount of love for the internet’s favorite gorilla has gone too far, this rapper may be taking her love for Haramabe to a new level.

    Since the debut of The Pinkprint in 2014, rapper Nicki Minaj has been somewhat silent in terms of releasing her own music. Although she has recently teamed up with Ariana Grande on the song “Side to Side,” fans have been eager to receive new content from Minaj herself.

    The rapper recently took to Twitter to announce that she would be releasing a new album at midnight called, “Pick My Fruit Out,” but before you get too excited, Nicki was totally trolling all of us.

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  • Once fans got word of this “new album,” they instantly sparked conversation with Minaj.

    In one reply, Nicki stated that “all the songs” would be “named after a fruit,” and she wasn’t kidding…

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  • The tracklist the rapper posted had fans freaking out over track number four, otherwise known as “Bananas (harambe interlude).”

    Once fans caught on to the joke, they too began having fun with the #PickMyFruitOut hashtag on Twitter. You can check out some of the best tweets here:

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  • It was all fun and games for the rapper, but on a more serious, concerned fan note… when can we expect a new album, Nicki?

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  • I guess we’ll never know what that Haramabe track would have sounded like. *tear*

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