Will.i.am Encourages Us to Vote in ‘Funny or Die’ Parody

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  • After Trump’s “grab ’em by the p***y” comment hit the public, more vulgar and offensive comments have continued to come out allegedly made by the Presidential candidate.

    Though the comments he made were harmful to his campaign moving towards the election, they have continued to inspire creators, like Mike Dean, to turn his mistakes into light-hearted fun.

    Two members of the Black Eyed Peas recently jumped on the “grab ’em by the p***y” bandwagon (can’t believe I just said that), and created their own song for a Funny or Die presidential debate spoof.

    The video features will.i.am as MC Donald T. Rump, Liane V as Madam Boss, and Apl.de.ap as a reporter posing questions to the candidates. When asked about issues surrounding Afghanistan, #BlackLivesMatter, and the Syrian Crisis, will.i.am (aka T. Rump) avoids the questions (obviously) and goes on about how he can do anything because he’s a “star.”

    Madam Boss (the Democratic candidate), on the other hand, proudly exclaims the power she has to potentially be the first female President.

    “I’m somebody’s daughter. I’m somebody’s boss. I can be the next president!”

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  • Jokes aside, this video also features a message from will.i.am, himself.

    Joining other celebrities, the musician expresses that “Donald Trump doesn’t look like the [next] president of the United States.” Now, if this Trump campaign were a scenario in a TV show, or film, will.i.am states that he “would spend [his] money to got watch it,” but this is real life, and we have real life problems to fix.

    Is Donald Trump the right person to do so? will.i.am doesn’t think so.

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