‘SNL’ Takes on the Second and ‘Worst Ever’ Presidential Debate

  • UPDATE: For those of you too impatient to sit through a full sketch, our host Ava Gordy has the best moments from the sketch — as well as Trump’s hyper-sensitive response — in the video above. Check it out!

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  • We’ve had two of three presidential debates so far, and Saturday Night Live has, graciously, blessed us with a hilarious spoof every time.

    Not only did the new sketch mock the ridiculous things Trump said at the second debate, it also made it very clear that Clinton has this election locked down.

    The skit opens with Martha Raddatz (Cecily Strong) and Anderson Cooper (Alex Moffat) welcoming audiences to what would be the “worst” debate ever, and proceeding to take a shot of something strong to prepare for the impending nonsense.

    When the candidates step on stage, Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) and Hillary Clinton (Kate McKinnon) have a major face-off, as if they’re stepping into a boxing ring.

    Baldwin and McKinnon also make light of the real candidate’s refusal to shake hands before things got started.

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  • Only three questions are taken from the audience, beginning with Leslie Jones asking whether or not the candidates believe they are good role models for today’s youth. As you can expect, Clinton gives one hell of an answer. Here’s what Trump has to say:

    “I love kids… I marry them.”

    Way to be creepy, Trump. Way to be creepy…

    As the debate proceeds, SNL mocks the way Trump wandered around stage as Clinton was answering questions. Making light of the situation, Baldwin begins creeping behind Clinton while some Jaws inspired music looms in the background.

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  • To give everyone a break from the debate, Martha and Anderson treat the audience to the one person they really came to see – Ken Bone.

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  • The debate finishes with what (I think) is the best question yet: Hillary, what do you like about Trump?

    Clinton: “I like how generous he is. Just last Friday he handed me the election.”

    While audiences have continued to praise SNL and Alec Baldwin, especially, for their hilarious portrayals, Trump recently decided to chime on the conversation as well. The presidential candidate took to Twitter earlier today to express his thoughts on the show, and he wasn’t too happy with it. You can check out his response below:

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