Sassy Trump Goes Bananas (B-A-N-A-N-A-S) Over Drug Tests

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  • Peter Serafinowicz is a popular British actor (Guardians of the Galaxy, Spy, Shaun of the Dead, Amazon’s The Tick) who moonlights as a deep web YouTuber. His schtick on YouTube is making fun of Donald Trump using Trump’s own words. But here’s the thing: it’s never Trump’s voice. We’ve covered Serafinowicz doing this before with Sophisticated Trump, AKA British Trump.

    This time, Trump has become quite sassy. His emphasis on the letter “s” is the main focus. But he’s speaking about drug tests. Trump believes that Hillary Clinton is on something. But when you’re sniffing that much, do you really want drug tests? As sassy Trump would say: “I don’t think so”.

    Serafinowicz has been doing this Trump for a while. Trump called a bunch of Iowa football players “monsters”. He said he didn’t look at notes, and said it wasn’t easy. But perhaps most importantly, he called out Saddam Hussein for “dropping gas”:

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