Cat Goes H.A.M. on a Vacuum Cleaner in This Funny Animated Short

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  • Simon’s Cat is a YouTube channel devoted to the animated adventures of a cat. Simon’s cat. For a Halloween special, it’s the cat versus the machine – or what it considers the monster. Every pet’s (except this one duck) age-old nemesis: the vacuum cleaner.

    The cat begins the video innocently. It comes across a vacuum cleaner, abandoned by the user. That user is also probably Simon. Simon’s cat. The cat begins batting around the vacuum cleaner, as one naturally would. How else is a kitty supposed to find entertainment in this bland world?

    And then things get hectic. The vacuum turns on, and the cat is nearly sucked in. As it scampers behind a corner, its tail is continually dragged back. So it disappears, while the vacuum cleaner is left running.

    And then the cat comes back. With a bat. Cat bat. Simon’s cat bat. The cat, after nearly losing the bat – the vacuum gets some shots in – destroys the vacuum. And the day is saved.

    What do you think? Has your cat ever taken a bat to your vacuum cleaner? Let us know in the comments or @WhatsTrending on Twitter.