Vice President Joe Biden Freaks Out Over Two Quarters

  • Remember when the Internet stopped making fun of Joe Biden for, like, a second, when he officiated a same-sex wedding for two White House staffers?

    The gesture definitely caught the attention and hearts of many, but the internet has moved on to poking fun at the Vice President once again.

    Disclaimer: We really do love ya, Joe. You’re just so easy to turn into a meme. Us internet people can’t help ourselves.

    On October 21 in Burlington, Biden did about the cutest thing any 5-year old would do… he found two quarters on the ground and was ecstatic! When you’re young, that’s a big deal – you feel like you’ve won the lottery. When a grown man does it, however, it’s equally funny and weird and will most likely get turned into a meme.

    Here’s the initial photo that surfaced of the Vice President in Burlington:

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  • As you can tell, he’s really excited. Whether he did it on purpose because there was a camera, we don’t know, but we’re still glad he did it. Here are some of our favorite Twitter reactions to the photo:

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  • I don’t think I’d be this excited over two quarters, but whatever floats your boat, Biden! The pictures are still really cute.

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