‘SNL’ Brings in Tom Hanks for Final Presidential Debate Spoof

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  • With every presidential debate comes a Saturday Night Live spoof, and I am oh so grateful.

    Fans of the show first fell in love with Alec Baldwin’s portrayal of Trump in the first and second debate spoofs, and SNL has to delivered once again with its latest (and final) installment in the debate trilogy.

    Last night’s debate even featured another fan favorite – Tom Hanks. Hanks portrayed debate moderator, Chris Wallace, of Fox News while Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon took on their reoccurring roles as DJT and HRC.

    The spoof covered topics of the actual debate fairly closely, but there were definitely some moments that stood out more than others. Here are a few of our favorites:

    If you watched the final debate, you may or may not remember that Trump came out a little bit more reserved than usual. In his opening statement, Baldwin explains that instead of being his usual loud (and obnoxious) self, the audience would be getting a “sweet little baby Trump.”

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  • When asked directly about the sexual assault claims against him, Baldwin (AKA Trump) responded with the most outrageous statement yet – “nobody has more respect for women than I do.”

    Cue the laughs of the audience, or better yet, THE WORLD, in this case.

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  • Finally, my favorite moment of the night… “bad hombres.” Aside from the fact that the Internet has already turned this into a meme of horrible hairstyles, McKinnon’s response was equally hilarious.

    In talking about immigration policies, McKinnon quickly interrupted out of excitement that she had finally covered her Trump Bingo card. The board was filled with some of Trump’s most controversial comments yet, and all McKinnon needed was “bad hombres” to win BINGO!

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  • Though the presidential debates are over, I’m sure SNL and Baldwin will be back to mock Trump sooner than later.

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