Rob Gronkowski Goes Undercover With Lyft

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  • Looks like Lyft has been taking some notes from James Corden’s wildly successful carpool karaoke segment on The Late Late Show.

    The on-demand ridesharing network has recently developed a series of YouTube videos dubbed “Undercover Lyft,” where celebrities pose as Lyft drivers and eventually reveal themselves to passengers. So far, the YouTube series has had stars like Demi Lovato and Shaq that have sparked noteworthy reactions from their Lyft passengers.

    Most recently, Lyft headed to New England and chose Rob Gronkowski to take on some undercover driver duties. You’d think that Gronk would stand out too much in a community that thrives off of sports, but there’s nothing some shades and a wig or two can’t do.

    Anticipating his first passenger, Gronk attempts to establish a higher pitched voice, but that proves to be (kind of) an epic fail. Making small talk we learn that the “fake” Gronk is actually an astrophysicist, and yes… you guessed it – a huge Patriots fans that has “like 4 posters of” Tom Brady.

    One of my favorite moments from the video includes a passenger stating that he’s actually met Gronk before “at a bar in downtown.” Luckily, the passenger commends Gronk for being such a great guy, but when Gronk reveals himself, he immediately exclaims:

    Dude. I was not at Society on High!

    Though it doesn’t look like any passengers caught on to Gronk quickly, I do have one question to pose to Lyft – why are all of the passengers in the front seat? Did Lyft passengers suddenly become ultra-friendly people?

    Whether this entire gig is a set-up or not, I am not complaining. Athletes and entertainers like Gronk make the Lyft journey fun to watch.

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