Sassy Trump Has Only Vladimir Putin on His Mind in the Third Debate

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  • Sassy Trump has gotten weird. This week, Sassy Trump creator Peter Serafinowicz teamed up with Super Deluxe to take on the third presidential debate. They’re not the only ones, as Schmoyoho teamed up with Weird Al.

    (If you’re uninitiated in the ways of Sassy Trump, check out the last time we covered Serafinowicz’s character here.)

    Sassy Trump now comes with extra claws. The Super Deluxe team made sure to get all his extra-catty moments highlighted. He grows sharp, silver nails during those moments. Sassy Trump also continues his radioactive orange glow. Of course, his audible sighs and noises make an appearance. And Trump’s voice even changes when he needs to make a point.

    Chris Wallace, the moderator, even somehow sucks up less. Sassy Trump and Wallace have a romance exchanged through glances. Wallace allows for Trump to entirely take over the debate.

    And then the debate turns to someone special – Vladimir Putin. Or, as Trump calls him, “Pyutin”. There are multiple “sexy” shots of the Russian leader. All of them come into Trump’s head as he talks. Even though “Pyutin” isn’t Sassy Trump’s best friend, it’s clear he wants him to be much more.

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