The 5 Worst Halloween Treats According to Gordon Ramsay

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  • Getting made fun of in the internet world is unavoidable. Although things tend to get a bit harsh, YouTubers and comedians alike have been able to produce content and even make a living by “roasting” people.

    While we’re familiar with the idea of poking fun at and criticizing others, Gordon Ramsay takes the roasting game to another level. The celebrity chef is largely known for his tough love (and screaming) featured on shows like Hell’s Kitchen and more, but he seldom really targets people specifically. Instead, Ramsay targets food.

    Now, I know that sounds kind of weird. How could a guy talk smack about food? Well, he just did. In fact, he blessed us all with a video detailing the five worst Halloween treats you can give a child. If you want to be known as the cool house on the block this holiday, I suggest you follow the man’s advice.

    Here’s the list of treats you shouldn’t give out this Halloween:

    5. Smarties: The perfect combination of Aspirin and Tums. Smarties are for f*cking dummies.

    4. Circus Peanuts: Clown sh*t.

    3. Candy Corn: It’s not candy, it’s not corn, it’s earwax shaped in the form of a rotten tooth.

    2. Apples: Do I look like a teacher?

    1. Pennies: It’s 2016. You’re still giving out pennies?

    Although I am a fan of Smarties and candy corn, I still believe Ramsay did an okay job… he just forgot to add Tootsie Rolls to the list.

    What’s your least favorite Halloween candy? Let us know in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter!