This YouTuber Plays Awful Flute Covers of Pop Songs and Holy Sh*t

  • This is his actual profile picture. Sh*tty. Flute. HAHAHAHAHA.



  • So there’s this YouTuber who goes by the alias of Sh*ttyflute. Sh*ttyflute makes bad but actually hilarious covers of your favorite pop songs, photoshops some recorders on the original artists, and BOOM: you have a Sh*ttyflute masterpiece. However, if super sh*tty and funny covers of songs aren’t your jam and you’re into GOOD covers, here’s a Pentatonix slay for you to squeal over.

    BuzzFeed also recently highlighted this master of the woodwinds, so I SWEAR this isn’t just a personal obsession.

    Here are my personal favorites.

  • YEAH!

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  • A little Britney throwback, all right Sh*ttyflute!

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  • And of course… Game of Thrones. Sh*tty’d.

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  • I. LOVE. IT. I can’t pinpoint why the bad is so good but it’s just SO entertaining to listen to your favorite songs get butchered by a mediocre flautist. God damn god damn. Let us know what you think in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter.