The Washington Post’s Date Lab Sent This Woman on the Worst Date Ever

  • These two went on a terrible blind date.

    Date lab


  • Picture the worst date you’ve ever been on — I’m talking, you crap your pants level bad — and then make it public knowledge that the date sucked, and now they won’t stop sending you things. Welcome to WaPo’s Date Lab!

    The Washington Post has an experimental dating project going on for singles in Washington D.C., and they interview the participants afterwards about their experience (of course).

    There is a little more science behind it than Tinder, but that still leaves plenty of room for the date to go awry.

    This time, Date Lab set up a 32-year-old entrepreneur named Anda and a 27-year-old project analyst named Erica. According to their super science-y Predict-O-Meter, these two were destined to be a dream date.

    The results? As Jezebel noted: IT SUCKED.

  • Here’s some excerpts from the post-date interview.

    “Anda: I’ve been on dates where I’m the one holding up the conversation, like Atlas. But she had no problem holding up her side.

    Erica: He’s very smart, educated. But he’s a little creepy. Like he grabbed my hand and took my ring and put it on his finger for two hours. I wasn’t reciprocating, but he wasn’t reading the signals.

    Anda: She was going canoeing the next day. I was like, I want to come, can I get an invite?

    Erica: He asked about it two or three times. It was odd.”

  • He asked for her email and she was like

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  • Poor Erica. We’ve all been on bad dates, but stolen jewelry? That’s a new level of awful.

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