A Whole Lot of People Think Ouija Boards Are Actually “Luigi Boards”

  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

  • JT Sexkik is better than all of us at the internet. He proved it with his pregnancy misspellings video. Now he’s back, and unsurprisingly, the internet has continued to misspell things. This time, it’s Halloween season, so Sexkik covered Ouija boards. To be fair: “Ouija” isn’t the most intuitive word to spell. But still, it’s fun to laugh at people who can’t spell good.

    Ever wondered how to work a Luigi board? How about messing around with quiches? Sexkik is ready to answer all your questions. Or, more accurately, just confusedly read them. The internet can be a strange place, and Sexkik wants to show us his realm — the realm of Yahoo! Answers.

    Poor Luigi, everyone’s afraid of him. And it’s not even because of Luigi’s Mansion. The last thing Luigi wants close to him after that game is an Ouija board. He’s the Ghostbuster we need right now. Wait, how has no one thought of a Luigi’s Mansion movie?

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