This Channel Makes the Most Creative Dog Meme Videos on YouTube

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  • Arf is a YouTube channel specializing in dog videos. But they aren’t just dog videos (they never are). They’re dogs barking the theme songs to your favorite things. Or memes. Mostly memes. Other dogs may react to Gumby, but this dog reacts to Kirby.

    Arf channel just does this sort of thing. They’re like the Super Deluxe of dog videos. For instance, here’s Indiana Jones:

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  • But Arf can also do memes. Like Spooky Scary Skeletons:

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  • The videos are great. They feature a fluffy little dog just barking. It barks as the music plays, and Arf edits both to fit together. It’s a very enjoyable experience. That dog up top just shows you that. Look how much fun it is having. Those aren’t fits of pain, they’re fits of “wow. Kirby being barked by a dog. That’s so fun”.

    You’re right pug on a bed. It is fun. Just like the original Kirby video:

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