This Tortoise’s Impression of Owen Wilson Is Awe-Inspiring

  • Wow. I’m so impressed by this tortoise’s impression of Owen Wilson that I can’t stop saying wow. Just… wow. It’s a spot on impression. Something the likes of Frank Caliendo and Dana Carvey can’t even dream of. He’s as remarkable as these other tortoises, one of whom saved his entire species by boning a lot, and the other who escaped her owner (so she could go bone a drain pipe).

    Watch the tortoise do its best impression from multiple Owen Wilson roles. Isn’t that an impressive tortoise? He or she truly is able to capture the raw power and emotion of Owen Wilson’s acting.

    From roles like Wedding Crashers to Bottle Rocket and Midnight in Paris, this tortoise could fill in as a Owen Wilson replacement. It’s a truly remarkable feat. Who knows how the tortoise learned how to project its voice this well. Perhaps this tortoise is just a massive Owen Wilson fan.

    I’m still just sitting here stunned by the impression. And the tortoise itself. Wow.

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