SNL’s Election Sketch Is a Hilarious Look at American Racial Politics

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  • Dave Chappelle had a great night on SNL, to say the least. The legendary comedian was the perfect fit to host post-election, and had everyone laughing and feeling inspired with his political sketches, revival of Chappelle Show characters, and killer opening monologue.

    One of my personal favorite moments from the show was definitely the ‘Election Night’ sketch. Though the results of the election itself are still a very touchy subject for many, there is no denying that Dave and the SNL writers hit the nail on the head with this one.

    The sketch features a group of young Democrats hosting an Election Night viewing party in what I like to call your typical young-professional apartment setting – everyone has their glass of white wine, there’s a spread of cheese and crackers on the coffee table, and there’s an abundance of Hillary campaign posters to go around.

    At the start of the night the group of friends is incredibly excited and optimistic about their future female president, but the mood grows tenser and tenser as results begin to pour in.

    The only ones not surprised by Trump’s victory are Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock. Why? Because America didn’t suddenly become racist and misogynistic and everything else people have been posting to their Facebook pages. America has always had these problems. All it took was a joke of a candidate, and now President-elect, for us to realize it.

    Despite poking fun at America’s Election Night despair, viewers and fans of Chappelle enjoyed the sketch and found it put a lot of their emotions into perspective.

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