Billy Bob Thornton Can’t Finish a Damn Sentence on ‘Drunk History’

  • Bad Santa is finally getting its sequel this year, which means that Billy Bob Thornton, star of both movies, is doing press. That press just happens to include Drunk History with Derek Waters. Unfortunately for Thornton, Waters isn’t going to let him get a sentence out. Drunk History has been used time and again for things like engagements, but never for interrupting Billy Bob.

    Billy is being the grumpiest he can be in the clip. But it’s pretty easy to side with him. Waters is doing everything in his considerable power to make Billy Bob’s taping a nightmare. That includes asking about Thornton’s sunglasses, Bad Santa 2, and Tony Cox, Thornton’s co-star. This is borderline Eric Andre-levels of guest harassment.

    Thornton is interrupted because, according to Waters, he can’t get the opening right. “Hello, I’m Billy Bob Thornton, and today we’ll be discussing Benjamin Franklin.” Seems easy, right? Not with Derek Waters in the room.

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