Dear Twitter: Not Every Day Is a Holiday

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  • Every day is a holiday — at least according to CollegeHumor. See, they’re sick of Twitter’s sh*t. It’s like every possible moment Twitter can create a new, meaningless holiday, they take it. For example, this week has Cyber Monday. That’s not a holiday. What even is Black Friday?

    Some of the examples that College Humor provides: Calico Cat Appreciation Day, Just a Big Shirt Day, Shoes on Hands Day, and Mime Day. Real life examples: National Talk Like A Pirate Day, 7/11 (AKA Free Slurpee Day), and National Cookie Day — all real things. There are too many holidays, and we need to focus on the truly important ones. Thanksgiving and my birthday. Thank you.

    It’s an incredibly important message, especially as Thursday represented the gateway into the holiday season. As you start hearing Christmas carols, please remember: there is only one holiday season. And it’s not in July. It’s when it’s cold outside and we need distractions.

    What do you think? Are fake holidays real holidays? Let us know in the comments or @WhatsTrending on Twitter.