The Apocalypse Is Here and Super Deluxe Has Proof

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  • Super Deluxe has been known to bring you the weirdest of Trump. Now, they’re bringing you the weirdest of other Republicans. In this one, Pastor Jim Bakker is prepping for the Apocalypse. And then it comes. Well, not for white man Jim Bakker.

    Bakker shows off only the “best” of doomsday preparatory supplies. That includes lots and lots of buckets. Bibles in buckets. Food in buckets. Furniture made out of buckets. Toilets made out of buckets. Bakker is like the Oprah of buckets. None of the things coming out of the buckets look good though. I wouldn’t touch that food. I think they got the food and toilet buckets mixed up.

    Bakker and his team of women and a paper chewing baby prepare for the Clinton win. Then, they are as surprised as all of us when Trump wins. What happens next in the Super Deluxe video is perfect. It captures exactly how I felt on Election Night – confused and scared.

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