The Gregory Brothers Songify ‘Home Alone’ in Terrifying Fashion

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  • You’re home alone on Christmas Eve. There’s no one around and your phone is dead. Out of the corner of your eye you spot him. Kevin McCallister. He’s watching you, from the top of the stairs. He lets out a scream and swings toward you. He’s coming for you. Kevin McCallister.

    The Gregroy Brothers, AKA Schmoyoho, have songified many things — the debates this year, for instance. Now, they’re songifying a Christmas classic: Home Alone. You know, the film about a not yet ten-year-old boy torturing would-be home invaders. The one that launched the fan theory that Kevin McCallister becomes Jigsaw, the serial killer of the Saw franchise.

    While I don’t subscribe to that theory (I personally believe McCallister changed his name out of spite, to one Patrick Bateman), I do believe in Songify This. The creepiness of the way Kevin’s mother looks at him. The tribute to Donald Trump’s appearance in the second Home Alone. Guys, the president-elect was in a Home Alone movie.

    In summary: Kevin McCallister is a monster, this tune is pretty catchy, and you could never make Home Alone today. Happy holidays, everyone!

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