Kid Elector Fails To Save Us From Trump

  • Boy oh boy, our government huh? Where the popular vote means so much less than it should, contentious objectors were few and far between, electors can be kids and where sometimes divides between each other can outnumber even the need for—wait, electors can be kids!? Whaaa—??

  • Twitter user @Anna_Orso noticed this mysterious child sitting during the Pennsylvania electoral caucus. Who are you mysterious child elector? Are you a boy adventurer sent from the future to save us from Trump? Are you a kid who’s been lying about his age for decades to work in government and the jig is now up or is there something more happening here? Something sinister?

  • Or maybe its just a kid who happened to sit there sending the Twitter world a fluster.

    Yup! Just a kid! Not a child elector! Oh what a laugh had we! Ohoho! Hahaha! Teeheehee—

  • Boy, if Trump can take the fun even out of a little kid dressed up in a suit looking like he’s an elector I don’t know what’s next!

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