Dog Raps Along to XXXTentacion

  • Twitter user @ThatsZoRaven may have the coolest dog ever.

    While taking a video for Snapchat, Zoe’s dog Gambit sort of started rapping along to XXXTentacion’s song Look at Me! I know it sounds completely crazy, but watch the video for yourself below:

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  • The way Gambit moves his mouth, the timing… it’s all too good to be true! When Twitter got a hold of this video they couldn’t help but be amazed at this adorable pup.

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  • Some even reached out to XXXTentacion in attempts to get the dog a gig. Who wants to see Gambit on tour with XXXTentacion? I bet it’d be super cute.

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  • Like every viral moment on Twitter, however, things can’t always be sunshine and rainbows and cute rapping dogs. Zoe was scrutinized by a handful of Twitter users over Gambit’s “muzzle.” If only they knew it wasn’t a muzzle before they got keyboard happy… then again, this is the Internet. *sigh*

    To put an end to the criticism, Zoe responded to those oh so worried about Gambit with the following tweet:

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  • With all that settled, I hope Gambit is enjoying his 15 minutes of fame. Unless, of course, he turns out to be a dog that can actually rap. That would be amazing. Maybe something off of Kendrick’s new album next?

    Make sure to leave a comment below if you think Gambit is the cutest dog ever (that should be every single one of you) or @WhatsTrending on Twitter!