Santa Hat on Corner of TV Creating Festive Fun

  • Even though it is the day after Christmas (a tragic, but indisputable fact), it doesn’t negate one deeply indisputable fact — a Christmas hat?! Being worn by someone in a serious movie? That is extremely and very fun! Users all over Twitter have made this discovery when they put a Christmas hat in the corner of their television sets and witnessed the joy take place. Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?! It is when Alan Rickman is wearing a goofy Christmas hat! Is hockey a Christmas game? Maybe? It might seem like a nonsensical question on its face, but have you goons SEEN that Christmas hat?!

    It’s so much fun some people even turned it into a drinking game. Check out some of the results below. And remember, Santa is a real person who is not relegated to Christmas. If you are reading this remember Santa is real, and we think you’re special even if it’s not your birthday, so you better celebrate Santa Clause all year round, you hear? Yeah, I know you hear. Okay, check them out!

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