DeadMau5 Enlists Rick and Morty to Help Him Countdown the New Year


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  • DeadMau5 — as befitting a techno party mouse king who was playing a show at the stroke of midnight on December 31st, 2016 — meant to ring in the New Year, my friends. But he can’t do it alone, you know. He needs the help of our nation’s number one cartoon Szechuan Sauce selling super geniuses — Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith — aka, the stars of Rick and Morty! Just as the clock was counting down, Rick and Morty — voiced by creator Justin Roilland — zoomed into the screen to take our hands and drag us kicking and screaming into the swilling vortex of 2018.

    The characters were presented in CGI as Rick thought he warped Morty into Disneyland, BUT MY FRIENDS IT WAS NOT SO! In fact, Rick was terrified they were in a dimension with a massive bomb — hence the New Year’s Eve countdown! In the end.. it was just New Year’s, Morty decided to just go jerk off, and Rick said he’s going to go do drugs, but not too many drugs. “Remember, you can always take more, you can never take less”. Wise words, and always good to see more of these guys.

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