College Humor Shows You Just How It Feels to Be Stuck In a Conversation

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  • College Humor’s uber relatable sketches have carved out an incredible niche for themselves — with videos such as “Honest New Year’s,” “Your Girlfriend’s Six Friends,” and this latest one — “What It’s Like To Be Stuck in a Conversation.” What is it like — or rather what does it feel like? Well, gentle reader — it’s not unlike being in a hostage situation. You’re trapped, as this person you barely know suddenly entrusts you with their hopes and ideas and dreams, and you just want to get back to work and oh my gosh… they are so boring!

    People come to try to rescue you in a good old whirlybird, but they don’t want to get involved in a conversation THIS boring. And just when you think the boring conversation is over, guess what comes next — the SAD conversation!

    So, if you obviously hate listening to other people, boy have I found the sketch for you to relate to!

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