VIDEO: Missionaries Practice Gross Pick Up Lines Before They Open the Door

  • Look, I freak out so bad if anyone knocks on my door. “Who are you?” “What want you have from me? Leave me in my peaceful abode for here is where I rest and slumber!” I mean, even the seemingly kind missionary shouldn’t knock on my door. I’ll freak out and be stressed out! Anyway, this roundabout lead in is all for this video of two Mormon missionaries sharing awful and gross pick up lines as they wait for a lady to open the door.

    According to the description of the video, the two missionaries made eye contact with an attractive woman inside the building and then proceeded to jokingly share the gross pick up lines they would say to her which I am no fan of. So, witness the glory of two horny blurred out gentlemen trading terrible pickup lines in the video above.

    So, two strangers come to your door, eyeball you and then make horny comments at you? Come on. Not the best. Still, it’s a hypnotic indie like movie portrait of two folks just being straight up goony. Good times.

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