VIDEO: Grumpy Teen Opens Up New Bong in Front of Mom


  • Being a mom seems… exhausting. You used to be an independent lady out on the town, having fun, and now here you are — dedicating your life to a grumpy little blob who does stuff like curse, yell at you (even after you buy all of his or her food), and then… just straight up buys a bong — as can be seen in the kind of weirdly charming video above.

    Look, this surly teen 100% ordered a bong. The only question is… why did he continue to open it up in front of his mom knowing full well what it was? Does he think his old mom hasn’t been around the block a few times? That she doesn’t know what a bong is?

    My favorite part of this is the weariness in her voice. She knows this kid better than he knows himself. This again? Ugh. Motherhood seems EXHAUSTING.

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