Nerdist Remixed Tarantino and Star Trek to Prepare Us for Upcoming Movie

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  • Ever since we heard that Quentin Tarantino was going to write a Star Trek movie, there have been many a goof for what it could be. What could this king of violent weirdo movie making have to say about this universe of phasers and teleporters and Spocks as far as the eye can see? I don’t know, but Nerdist seems to have a bit of an idea what it could be like. The same fantastic website that brought us the incredible 80’s version of Thor: Ragnarok is now bringing us Star Trek — re-edited to resemble a Tarantino film.

    Witness all the grittiness, all the griminess, and all the pulpy bloodbath madness of Tarantino delving into the grittiness, griminess and pulpy madness that was already inherent in the show. For example — didn’t Tarantino and Star Trek both fight the Nazis? I think they did! And, all those shirtless William Shatner shots — if that doesn’t scream juicy space pulp, I don’t know what does. It’s a fun trailer. Watch it above.

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