Will Ferrell Comes on as George W. Bush to Remind Us He Was Worse Than Trump

  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

  • We at this point have all started to have halycon memories of the world before Donald Trump. Figures such as Ronald Reagan (who gutted California’s public mental health care, was awful to black communities and ignored AIDS) and George W. Bush (who started two wars that are going to be old enough to drink pretty soon) seem pretty fantastic in retrospect. Well, hold your horses friend! Will Ferrell returns to remind you that, well — hold up, George W. Bush was still pretty awful!

    Will Ferrell sits in his makeshift White House, using the excuse to bring back the character to remind America — hey, it’s not like life was much better under him! He did after all accidentally create Isis, start two very, very long wars and — as he reminds us — Cheney was a cruel heartless war criminal lunatic. Still, all of that is nestled into the thing, I at least miss the most about the aughts. Hell, the only thing I miss. Fun “Bush is dumb” jokes. Leslie Jones then comes on as Condoleezza Rice, proving people actually like Bush while no one likes Trump, to sing a parody of All in the Family. Fantastic.

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