Bakery Accidentally Makes Cake That Looks Like VAGINA

  • Look sending nudes — is all well and good, but at this point, passé. Why not show your intended where you really stand by going to Nadia Cakes and getting this cake that people are convinced looks exactly like a… why not take a look at it yourself?

  • That’s right, folks! It looks like a vagina. Now, Nadia Cake Bakery — the once winners of Cupcake Wars — released this delicious looking rock candy cake that is designed to look like a geode. But, folks. There are so many ways to make a cake look like a geode that is a lot less pornographic! When they found out what exactly their cake looked like to people, the bakery had a good sense of humor about it — saying essentially if they wanted to make a cake look like a vagina, they would MAKE a cake look like a vagina, okay?

  • Screen shot 2018 02 05 at 1.35.14 pm


  • Anyway, pornographic cakes aside, a cake filled with rock candy? I’m into it. Look, there are a lot of things that look kind of dirty on the Internet, but how many rock candy cakes have you seen? Delicious!

    And if you’re worried about Nadia Bakery — don’t worry. They’re doing a-okay!

  • Oh, wait. I can bust out one of my favorite Simpsons clips! Hold on, hold on.

  • So, would you buy a vagina cake? Let us know in the comments, and make sure to follow us on Twitter at @WhatsTrending for what we can assume are more sex cake stories.