VIDEO: Sister Loses Mind Over Discovering Brother Is a Furry


  • This guy’s sister lost her MIND when she discovered a furry sticker on her brother’s wall! I mean, completely lost her mind. And, when she heard her brother paid thirty-five dollars for the thing, well she was in disbelief over that, too. Honestly, though — me too. Thirty-five dollars for a sticker? Come on! But, wait. I should back up for a second. Some of you may not know what a furry is!

    Being a furry is a complex, often misunderstood, subculture wherein an individual identifies himself as a Disney-like cartoon animal. Sometimes it is sexual, sometimes it is an affinity for an identity or an art style. Look, Urban Dictionary’s definition is better than others’, and it sounds like an actual furry wrote it, which is helpful. Anyway, often people can’t really understand the ramifications or meaning of this kind of thing, and when the sister looked up and saw even MORE furry things around the room? Well, she just stormed out.

    I, personally, love this video so much, and it’s no wonder the Internet did as well, with her shocked face becoming a quick meme. Even the original artist weighed in with her own rendition of a shocked sister discovering her brother’s furry adorations!

    She’s right, though. Thirty-five dollars for a sticker? Yeesh!

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  • And now here’s a video of her discovering that she has THROUGH NO FAULT OF HER OWN become a meme.

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  • What do you think of this woman’s incredible reaction? How would you react if you found out your brother was a furry or — more obviously awful — paid thirty-five dollars for a sticker? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.