Sailor J’s “Thoughts and Prayers” Makeup Tutorial Doubles as Blunt Commentary on Gun Control


  • Look. It’s clear that these teens are going to eat the older generation alive. The generation, whose final act was to vote in white supremacist Donald Trump, is now owned over and over again by the teens who have simply had enough (yeah, screw off Marco Rubio). Amongst this is the throwing out of the garbage phrase that those in power at the GOP say whenever a tragedy like the one in Parkland occurs — “thoughts and prayers,” and this generation of politician owning teens is here to tell us “thoughts and prayers do nothing.” We’ve already had a video game about it, now we have this video from Beauty Vlogger Sailor J whose “thoughts and prayers” makeup tutorial is not only invisible — but shockingly stark.

    “We’re going to take this foundation right here — it’s called if you’re white it’s a mental illness, and if you’re brown you’re a terrorist.” And it continues in that direction — with the commentary on gun violence being blunt and brilliant. You can watch the entire video above.

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