VIDEO: Waddle of Penguins Entranced by Yo-Yo


  • Do you remember the yo-yo craze of the 90’s? Sure it was not a big deal for you, but imagine for a moment you are but… a cute, little penguin. A sweet little penguin who knows not of the 90’s trends. No, your little-beaked soul knows not of Pogs or the Tamogachi, or the poor little Pokémon Trading Cards. So, when a waddle of penguins — that’s the official term — sees a yo-yo, they can’t help but stare… as a cute little group.

    Posted to Twitter by user @ninayukisan, the video shows a waddle of cute, little penguin heads all swiveling around in a circle as they watch the yo-yo. It’s very cute, so if you need a little penguin pick me up to your penguin-less day — boy, have I got the video for you.

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