Man Drunk Drives Horse Onto Freeway


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  • I don’t know too much about horses, but can you drive one drunk? Have we actually trained horses so well that we — in a drunken stupor — can lead a horse onto the freeway? And the real question — can we actually make a horse run that fast? Do we actually have that much power over the poor souls? Well, I don’t know about running fast, but one individual — Luis Alfredo Perez of Placentia, CA — was charged and arrested with a DUI after police found him riding his horse on the Eastbound 91 at 1 a.m., which, I imagine, would be very scary if the horse didn’t have blinders. Good job, horse!

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  • The horse was soon returned to Luis’ mother and was reported to be unharmed. I hope it gets many, many oats for having to both be a horse in a human world and having to run on the freeway at the behest of a drunk. That’s tough.

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