Internet Marvels at Luigi’s Official Bulge


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  • Over the past year, what with the popularity and graphics power of the Nintendo Switch reaching untold heights, there’s a new type of news story I have to write up now, at the whims of the Internet. Stories about Mario’s visible nipples, or Mario’s visible penis, but who’s to say redheads have all the fun (you know, because his hat’s red). In a screenshot released for Super Mario Tennis Aces — the upcoming Mario Tennis game, eagle-eyed fans have noticed — Nintendo has given Luigi a bulge in this new game. That’s right, all you Nintendo penis fans. Luigi has a penis. And, folks, according to the Tumblr sleuths, it’s 3.7 inches long, flaccid. Check out the detective work below.

  • Screen shot 2018 03 16 at 11.37.56 am


  • Nintendo has since taken the screengrab of Luigi with a bulge off of its website (probably to make the bulge bigger, I would guess). However, the main take away is clear — the Mario Bros are sexual beings and they beg you not to make a huge deal about it. When Nintendo posts an official Mario erect penis, I will return to you here.

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