VIDEO: Math Teacher Breakdances for Apple Pie

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  • You know how so many teachers just have a look? Bald head, kind of baggy shirt — a tie, some slacks? You know, sort of exactly the uniform this dude is currently rocking? If there’s one thing that teens will always be shocked at knowing, it’s how much their teachers are just like them — cool dudes with a rude ‘tude who just have to teach some math right now, okay? And, another thing students will be shocked by? How much their teachers just can’t say no to a tasty pie. Anyway, that’s what this student discovered in this video.

    In the introduction, the teacher recalls a story, telling a tale of a student who said geometry is boring. The teacher asked if it would help if he break-danced, the student said yes, and even told him she would bake him an apple pie if he did. And ‘lo and behold, the teacher went from a normal every day teachin’ fool to a high concept classy ass dancing fool. Oh heck yeah! I love this video.

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