Bad Lip Reading Tears Apart Mark Zuckerberg


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  • It’s a question that’s asked of many public figures that end up doing a good lot of bad — do these guys even know what they’re doing? In the case of Mark Zuckeberg, he played up that dumbly unaware robot boy aspect for his benefit. How could Mark Zuckerberg know he was selling all our data to corporations with bad interests? I mean — computers are complicated, golly!

    Bad Lip Reading plays up that aspect of Mark Zuckerberg’s personality as they do a dub of his congressional hearings. We can watch members of congress horrified by his smile and ask him dumb absurdist questions in pure bad lip reading style. It’s a fun video and helps us remembers that no matter what crazy thing happened in the news — Facebook made a profit selling your information to help political parties have an advantage in the 2016 election.

    Alright, folks. Now, let’s keep posting those funny memes of Mark Zuckerberg!

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