Meet Kromsby, the Cartoon Blob an Animator Is Drawing Over Bill Cosby in The Cosby Show


  • One of the most visually memorable developments out of the #MeToo movement was the sight of Christopher Plummer in All the Money in the World, or rather what the man was replacing. After Kevin Spacey’s serial behavior of sexually assaulting underage boys was brought to light, Ridley Scott hastily edited him out of All the Money in the World and replaced him with actor Christopher Plummer. It was a decision that saved the film and let it be a multi-nominee at the Academy Awards. Meanwhile, people ask — can’t we do that for others? Enter The Kromsby Show, which replaces the recently convicted Bill Cosby with a big gurgling green blob.

    Although Cosby’s serial sex crimes have been public knowledge for years, it is only with his recent conviction that reruns of his sitcom are being pulled off the air. Writer and animator Jon Friedman has discovered a solution, however! Replace Bill Cosby with a massive green blob named Bol Kromsby. Yes, yes! It’s perfect. Who cares about the adventures of a man who, as this show was going on, was destroying the lives of countless women and using his power and money to cover it up and shield himself from consequence? Don’t you know? Kromsby is green!

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