Man Needs Help From Persistent Pig

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  • Honestly, what are pigs like these days? They’re so needy and desperate for attention — they just won’t leave you alone! Of course, it’s not every day when a completely ‘sober man’ phones the police saying this, and that he’s being followed home by a pig.

    That’s right, a ‘very sober’ man in Ohio phoned up the police, to report that a pig had been following him on his way home. The little pig followed the man by his side, and it turned out that the pig, named Zoey, just wanted to be petted, and was eventually brought home to her owner by the police. Zoey definitely had some explaining to do that night.

    With comedic headlines such as “Man calls police, says he’s being followed by unknown pig”, it’s clear that the pig knew how to catch people’s attention and how to become a viral superstar.

    Kris Jenner works hard, but the piggy that cried ‘wee, wee, wee’ all the way home works harder.

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