Tech Giants Google, YouTube, Virgin and Reddit’s April Fools Pranks!

  • 1) Google Maps: Pokémon Challenge

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    Google always brings their A Game to April 1st, and this year the company launched numerous joke products. The most discussed was this new Google Maps feature allowing your to finally become a real Pokemon Master! Google also announced the ability to automatically turn your Gmail theme into a Selfie (or “Shelfie) and a Google+ feature automatically adding a photobombing David Hasselhoff to your pictures.

  • 2) YouTube Announces Upcoming Viral Video Trends #newtrends

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    The most ambitious April Fools project from the Google this year comes in the form of YouTube’s #NewTrends project. A series of focus group-tested new memes have been launched by the streaming video service, including “Clocking”… And my personal favorite, the Glub Glub Water Dance!

  • 3) Nest + Virgin

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    A lot of tech companies also used April 1st to launch bold new innovations. These included Virgin and Nest’s addition of total climate control for airline passengers…

  • 4) headdit – a revolutionary way to browse reddit

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    Reddit also got in on the fun with a revolutionary new way to browse Reddit using head gestures. Introducing Headdit, and the revolutionary Imgur Viralizer, turning any of your boring photos into instant viral sensations!

  • 5) Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots Movie

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    One of the strangest April Fools pranks came to us thanks to Funny or Die, the bastards behind that fake hoverboard stunt last month. First they teamed with the Flaming Lips to release a fake-out album (check it out here) meant to sync with Pink Floyd’s classic “Dark Side of the Moon”, then they produced a parody trailer for a Michael Bay adaptation of the classic Lips album, “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots.” Watch it here!