Don’t Mess With Conan: Dirk Nowitzki Tests Conan’s Texas Cred

  • This week, Conan O’Brien is doing his show from Dallas, Texas and has done his homework on the Lone Star State.

    To prove this, he took the first ever “Texas Citizenship Test” given by Dallas Maverick—and German—Dirk Nowitzki. Is there any better person to do this than a “12-time NBA All-Star?” Clearly not.

    While Conan claims to know more about Texas than any other person, he also shows off some of his German, and of course humor. The questions start off simple, but get very ridiculous as he has to identify certain Texas sports stars. Enjoy!

  • Dirk Nowitzki Gives Conan The Texas Citizenship Test

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    I don’t think anyone can argue with that knowledge.